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Introduction of Hamedanian Food Industry

Transparency and honesty in action, team collaboration among its staff, innovation in the production, production, and supply phases of the feature-rich team. The sympathy of the members of this unit, along with the director of the servant, has led, despite the diversified food industry in the market, "Hamadanians" to have a valuable place in Iran's food industry.

The Hamedanian food industry has defined and presented the appropriate methods for examining and selecting the necessary and sufficient methods for the production, transformation and maintenance of food products. It is always our mission.
Continuous review of the proper types of raw materials, constant evaluation of raw materials, proper ways to enrich materials, checking access to products and conducting research activities to further develop more production units and enhance product quality at the highest possible level are the responsibility of the organization.
The future Hamedanian food industry is offering products with new and different packaging to display a new image of their products. He also hopes to have customer satisfaction in his previous years.

In order to achieve customer satisfaction and focus on improving the environment, the organization has set the following goals for its goals:

  • Satisfy your customers and make sure you use products
  • Continuous improvement and quality improvement in the company's food products with the lowest price changes
  • Increasing and expanding production and diversity in the delivery of food products
  • Develop and empower employees through training and empowerment
  • Special attention to the health of the production environment, the health of the products provided to customers
  • Assess and control the organization's risks
  • Innovation and transformation in the production cycle
  • Honesty and commitment to organizational behavior
  • will try to be a permanent presence in Iranian food basket by being recognized as the most reliable center for food industry in the country.
  • will strive to maintain the health of the people of the country and the rest of the world.
  • will strive to rely on creative staff. Trained using the most advanced technology and production of products complying with national and international quality standards, observing the environmental laws of the largest share of the market.
  • will strive to upgrade the human capital and maintain the interests of all beneficiaries completing this mission..


The family of products of Hamedanian as one of the largest suppliers of food in the country over the past years has always used quality raw materials because it believes that consumers, The best judges are and are well recognized.

Company Quality Policy

The Hamedanian Food Industry Company is one of the well-known companies in the food industry; it was a well-known company in 1350 with the latest scientific knowledge in nutrition science, aiming to produce such products as " Canned Tomato Paste "," Pepper Sauce "and" Tomato Sauce "and" Distillery Vinegar ".

The main goal of the Hamedanian food industry is to gain the trust and satisfaction of customers at all stages of production and production. To achieve this goal, in order to continuously improve the services and products, as well as increase the satisfaction of the employees of the organization, the establishment of a quality management system according to the standard 9001: 2008



Established in 1350


Variety of manufactured products


Broadcast all over the country

Square meters

Infrastructure of production halls

Honors and Certificates

Hamedanian food industry has the most international and national standards and standards.